Soft Matter Physics at the University of Oregon


In the CorwinLab our research is driven by an attempt to understand how complex collective behavior arises in the field of soft-matter physics from the simple interactions of simple components. To this end, our research efforts focus extensively on experimental, numerical, and theoretical studies of the jamming and glass transition(s), the collective behavior of granular materials, complex macroscopic systems subject to chaotic forcing, and the extremes of statistical mechanics.

Cracking the Glass Transition

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The Breakdown of Diffusion

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Network Growth and Percolation

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Granular Flow

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The Geometry of Jamming

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Macroscopic Analogs to Thermal Systems

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Current Group Members

Eric Isaac Corwin

Associate Professor

Varda Faghir Hagh

Postdoctoral Researcher

Francesco Arceri

Graduate Student

Cameron Dennis

Graduate Student

Andrew Hammond

Graduate Student

James Sartor

Graduate Student

Jack Dale


Thea Faridani



Simons Collaboration on Cracking the Glass Problem

Matthias Möbius

Mike Thorpe


Alexander Trevelyan

PhD 2018

Yasin Karim

PhD 2017

Sensor Engineer, Seahorse Geomatics, Portland, Oregon

Seahorse Geomatics

Kyle Welch

PhD 2016

Postdoctoral Researcher, Cheng Research Group, U Minn

Cheng Research Group

Peter Morse

PhD 2016

Postdoctoral Research, ManningGroup, Syracuse University


Mike van der Naald

Bachelors 2016

Post-bac Researcher 2017

Graduate Student, University of Chicago

Alexis Poncet

Masters in Physics, 2016, ENS

Doctoral Student at Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Sorbonne Universités


Clayton Kilmer

Bachelors 2016

Samantha Mellin

Bachelors 2016

Research Physicist, FEI Company, Hillsboro, Oregon

FEI Company

Isaac Hastings-Hauss

Bachelors 2013


Gabriel Trippel

Bachelors 2013

Project Engineer, Orb Optronix/CSA Seattle, Washington

Orb Optronix/CSA Seattle

Georgios Tsekenis

Postdoc 2018

Visiting Artist Program

The Corwin lab runs a visiting artist program which aims to tell the story of science and scientists from the inside out. Artists are embedded into the Corwin Physics Lab for a period of time where s/he functions side-by-side with research scientists, participating in every aspect of life in the lab. Working alongside researchers in the same space, the artist creates work that responds to the world of science as it is, in all of its complexity and humanity.

Mandy Keathley, 2017

Mandy Keathley Artist Page

Marisa Olson, 2016

Marisa Olson Artist Page

Audra Woloweic, 2014

Audra Woloweic Artist Page



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